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Mixxxer Review: Find Sexy Encounters Online:

Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult to meet a flirty and horny partner simply to hook up. Everyone today is all about serious romantic relationships and dating. But there are singles (and not entirely single) out there who wish to hook up and have sex with attractive and sexy individuals.

Great news for all those horny singles who wish to gain sexual experience and have fun – you can use hookup apps. Yes, today it’s an easy way to meet compatible people. You can say it’s easier to simply go to a bar or a nightclub, but here is a thing – apps offer connections to people with similar sexual tastes.

Meaning, you get matched to people with similar or identical sexual preferences! It’s a great way to meet sexy people and to get the needed satisfaction – we all know it’s not always granted considering the diversity of people’s tastes. Well, a good thing for you and every horny single that the Mixxxer app matches people with similar sexual preferences. Moreover, Mixxxer matches people based on their location, so they don’t have to drive miles to meet a sex partner.

But is it true that the Mixer site is working? Find out in the following review!

Short Summary

The website is an adult dating app for horny singles seeking to meet flirty and sexy individuals. Mixxxer is one of the few GPS-based location dating trackers designed for mature and horny people only. Meet sexy locals looking forward to having sex with you. It works anytime you wish to have sexual encounters. The creators of the site mention that using the app after visiting a nightclub is one of the best ways to end the night! Moreover, it’s a nice addition to the traveler’s experience.

Mixxxer main page

8.3 Score

  • 8.1 Value for price
  • 8.0 Quality of members
  • 9.0 Ease of use
  • 8.3 Customer satisfaction
  • 8.4 Safety

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to use.
  • The most important features are free to use (no payment required).
  • Used to find horny singles.
  • Lots of sexy profiles belonging to singles.
  • Mostly positive reviews from members.
  • It’s reliable and safe, the website is not new.


  • Only for straight people.
  • The screen freezes sometimes when members use the platform.
  • Several fake profiles were spotted.

Who Uses The App?

The app Mixxxer is mainly used by citizens in the US or by travelers to Europe. It’s a fun dating site dedicated to singles willing to hook up and get a fun sexual experience with no strings attached. To sum up, it is used by sexy males and females who desire to have casual sex partners. Yes, it is designed only to be used by mature people 18+ considering the content it offers to members.

About The Adult Site

First things first, it’s a casual dating app – a hookup website where you create an account and meet sexy singles free of charge. Yes, Mixxxer seems to be free to use. The good news is that the website is targeted at people who desire to have sex with other people without any strings attached.

As the developers describe the website, it’s the first GPS-based website to detected local sex encounters. No, it’s not a website where you meet and call prostitutes. Mixxxer is a platform to meet open-minded individuals who don’t want to settle down and have kids but to meet those fun individuals who desire to have sex.

The reviews mentioned the site has a decent reputation. Mixxxer is not an amazing website where everything works – but there are no such websites at all. Yes, you may encounter fake profiles on Mixxxer, but you can also encounter decent partners to hook up. If you want to meet a long-term sexual partner, it’s also a possible task with Mixxxer.

Mixxxer adults

Main Features

Even though the Mixxxer hookup site is pretty simple – it just matches people with compatible individuals, it has several interesting additional features to offer. If you have met several really great singles and hooked up with them, save these people in your Blackbook. You will be able to contact them later to hook up.

There is a premium option – Tease. If you use it on some other user, then you show your interest. It’s a fun way to tell someone you are interested in hooking up. Plus, it’s flattering to receive a tease from another member.

And the most important option is the search. You may use it to start a more active search rather than wait when the site offers recommended matches. The search has standard filters which help narrow the search. If you prefer taking it slow, then just fill in the profile and wait for the recommendations. If you are free and want to hook up, don’t forget to switch the GPS on.

It’s definitely possible to use just the free version of the site since the main features of Mixxxer are sufficient enough to grant sexual encounters with other sexy Mixxxer members. The website seems to be too simple sometimes, and reviews of users make it clear that it’s more of a disadvantage. It would be more fun to use the site with extra features.

Free Or Paid

It seems the Mixxxer dating app offers free features, and you don’t have to pay unless you want extra goodies. Search and matchmaking are free features, so switch on your GPS and enjoy Mixxxer hookups. But if you want to use additional goodies, you have to pay. On the bright side, it’s totally not necessary.

Creating An Account

Reviews prove that singles need Mixxxer accounts to be able to view matches nearby and start hooking up. To create an account, open the Mixxer sign in page and fill in all the blanks with the required information. Then go to the section with preferences and make sure to fill it in. Pay attention to sexual preferences and people you want to meet. You want to clarify that information to make sure the system shows only compatible profiles.

Profile Quality And Search Functions

The search on Mixxxer is just like the search on any other similar dating platform. The reviews mention that if members fill in their profile information, they don’t even need to keep seeking sexy people to hook up since the system will start recommending compatible matches. Some members want to keep a more active search, so they use filters to adjust their search of sex partners.

Profiles are mostly of good quality. Mixxxer administration claims they are trying to make sure that all profiles belong to real people. In reality, the reviews note there are still many fake profiles. On the other hand, it’s a problem of all dating websites, including hook-up apps for adults.

Overall, the profiles of real members on the Mixxxer platform seem to be of good quality. Users try to add their photos and fill in the information. It’s pretty easy to differentiate between real and fake profiles on Mixxxer. Fake profiles have too polished, even glamorous photos. Usually, it’s only one photo. As opposed to fake profiles, real accounts on Mixxxer are more realistic, with not retouched photos.

Mixxxer create account

Is It Safe?

One thing is true for sure about Mixxxer – it has a safe connection to the Internet. It means that your passwords and logins are safe, and no one would steal your personal information. Since it has paid features implemented into the Mixxxer interface, it’s important that the customers can safely pay for their purchases.

As for overall safety, the Mixxxer website seems to be protected. But note one important thing – Mixxxer won’t protect you when you meet singles to hook up. Be careful when meeting singles to hook up with. Try to avoid sharing personal information such as insurance info or bank account info.

Help & Support

Mixxxer is pretty standard, just like on all other sites. You send your request or ask a question via the quick chat option, wait a bit, and get your answer. It takes up to two days to get the answer, depending on the situation or the number of requests at the moment. The reviews of Mixxxer describe the support as a decent team.

Final Thoughts

The Mixxxer platform is an interesting app to use when you are horny. Whether you want to meet hookups in your city or you are traveling in the US, you can use it to immediately meet sex partners. The website is good even though it doesn’t have a mobile app. The developers of the Mixxer hookup app claim you can use your mobile browser and create a bookmark which is used exactly like any dating app.

The site is free to use even though there are paid features granting certain advantages over standard profiles. Overall, horny users can still enjoy the website free of charge to meet hookups and gain excellent sexual experience. Of course, sometimes the website doesn’t work properly – it has some fake accounts, users are not always the ones you need, etc. But overall, it’s worth giving it a try.

Alternatives To Mixxxer

Even Tinder could be a pretty decent alternative, even though most singles who are suing it claim they want to establish serious relationships. It could be a case, so when using Tinder as an alternative, specify that you want to hook up with sexy singles with no strings attached. Other great alternatives are AshleyMadison, BeNaughty, FriendFinderX, AdultFriendFinder.


Is Mixxxer Legit?

Yes, it’s a real website to use, considering the reviews. Mixxxer offers many features and options which grant you a chance to find the right partner to share your craziest and most sexy adult fantasies with. The Mixxxer review shows that the fun adult online dating app is mostly free to use, but it has a set of additional features which can be purchased for a monthly fee.

How To Use The App?

The developers call the app “a mobile sex finder site” since it is based on GPS. The first condition to find a horny partner is to switch on the GPS. The second requirement is to specify who you want to find - who you want to have sex with. Clarify your sexual preferences, sexual orientation, tastes, etc., so the website matches you with a horny and sexy partner.

Do You Need An Account To View Profiles?

Yes, according to the reviews, you need an account to view Mixxxer profiles. It’s a protection measurement. But rest assured, the registration takes a few minutes. Note, it’s a sex dating site, so make sure to fill in your profile if you want to find not just locals but sexually compatible locals.

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