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Casual Dating Websites: JucyDate Review

JucyDate clearly speaks for itself – it promises juicy and sexy dates in case you want to hook up. Yes, the sex website is only for adults since it has 18+ content. JucyDate promises sexual encounters if you register and start using the website. But is JucyDate a good website? Is it free or paid? Is it possible to find sexual partners and have fun on JucyDate? Find out in the following review.

In A Nutshell

The website caters to the interests of mature audiences. If a user wants to hook up, then JucyDate promises sexy encounters nearby. The first glimpse of JucyDate shows that it has really hot profiles of sexy women, but are these profiles real. Many reviews claim the JucyDate dating sex app has fake profiles, so it might ruin the chances of getting a nice hookup. Overall, the JucyDate sex dating app has advantages and disadvantages that are reflected in the following review.

Jucydate main page

7.5 Overall Rating

  • 7.1 Value for price
  • 7.0 Quality of members
  • 8.5 Ease of use
  • 7.3 Customer satisfaction
  • 7.4 Safety

Pros And Cons


  • Hot singles’ profiles available.
  • Good search and matchmaking systems.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quality interface.
  • Even gender distribution (lots of males and females wanting to hook up).


  • Fake profiles.
  • Unreal personality (UP) profiles belonging to staff members.
  • Automatic messages to attract the attention of users.
  • Limit of seeing 200 profiles a day.


The following review has shown that is a sex website. Meaning, only mature people would benefit from using the sex app. Most singles (or sometimes not even singles) use the JucyDate to hook up, find potential sex partners, etc. It’s not a pornographic site or an app to find prostitutes, although it might have adult or explicit content. Overall, the audience is mostly from the US. The JucyDate app is used by young adults to middle-aged singles.

What Is JucyDate?

Some singles want serious relationships, others prefer to have fun. JucyDate is for the second group of individuals. JucyDate sex site (yes, it’s a sex app) is a dating website. It’s not a website where men (or women) hire prostitutes. It’s just an app to have fun, flirt online, meet sexy singles and have sex.

Some singles claim in reviews that JucyDate is nice to meet casual partners. Others claim in reviews they used JucyDate to find long-term sexual partners with no strings attached. Whatever suits users of JucyDate, is a good idea for them. But there is one thing – JucyDate messages.

It’s a feature when you get messages from hot individuals. For example, you are into sex with sexy mature ladies, so you get messages immediately after you create an account and clarify your preferences. You get messages like “Hey, you are hot”, and other similar messages. Some of them are horny, others are standard, but there is one thing in common – these messages are from UP accounts.

What are UP accounts? These are JucyDate accounts belonging to staff members. They could be even bot accounts (legal ones) with a UP badge. If you see a UP badge, it’s an account belonging to a staff member. They are usually operated by a program and simply show you the features of the site.

They make users feel more confident and comfortable while using a website. But a lot of singles claim in reviews that such a feature of JucyDate confuses them as they don’t know how to use the site at first. Some people think those are real JucyDate users who are horny and want to hook up. That’s a slight disadvantage of the site.

JucyDate create account

Key Features

There is one pretty impressive thing about Jucy Date – after you clarify what exactly you’re looking for by filling the profile info, every time you log in, you’ll see a variety of photos of singles matching your requirements. Plus, you’ll see singles seeking people like you – so you might be their match and contact them if you wish.

Moreover, you see singles who are good enough to hook up since they match your requirements. Such a feature is a real-time saver since you don’t have to use the search every time you log in. You just see singles who match your requirements and singles who might love to have sex with you as well.

Prices & Plans

It seems the app is free to use, but several features could be paid for. The app has been on the market for a while now, even though it’s mostly for people in the US. It’s a local app that helps singles to hook up with sexy individuals, gain new sexual experience, experiment with sexuality, etc.

Sign Up

Just go to the JucyDate login page or download the app and create an account. Note one important thing – if you want to get recommendations of profiles belonging to sexy and hot singles, make sure to fill in the profile information with your preferences. That’s how you can easily hook up and have fun with sexy people.

Search & Profile Quality

As it was mentioned, the JucyDate app can be used without even applying search filters. As long as you work on your profile, it will show the potential hookup partners in the area. But some singles claim the system doesn’t work all the time properly. So it’s best to use the search filter of the adult site.

The reviews show users may seek singles by their geographic location. To attract more attention, send kisses to potential icebreaker partners and see if they like you too. Another interesting way to find compatible partners is to add people to your friend list. If they add you, maybe, they like you, and you will match as hookup partners.

Safety & Security

The connection to the Internet seems to be safe, so in this case, the app has proven to be a good site. It doesn’t seem to be a dangerous website that will ruin your device, but it’s definitely not the best one. It’s pretty safe since you don’t give your personal information on the site, and that’s about it.

Help & Support

The support team of the adult website seems to be pretty helpful and friendly. The members of the team are pretty friendly and helpful when it comes to solving simple issues or answering questions.

Final Thoughts

It’s an OK website with its advantages and disadvantages. The review shows that the website is only for adults who want to have sex and gain sexual experience. It’s not a website where you find love and happiness, it’s an app where you hook up with hot singles.

The search function is good enough to meet compatible sex partners, but the messages from verified bot accounts (UP profiles with badge) are pretty confusing. Overall, the website is not the best, but it’s OK to use to find sex partners – if you try hard and long enough.

JucyDate girl profile


You may want to use such websites as AdultFriendFinder, FriendFinderX, AshleyMadison, BeNaughty, and other similar websites. All these apps are only for adults who want to have sex or gain sexual experience. These websites are popular, so the audience is big enough to meet new sex partners every day. Perfect hookup sites for adults to have fun!


What Type Of A Site Is It?

JucyDate is only used by adults who want to hook up or meet long-term sex partners. Singles who are using this sex site are interested in having sex with hot partners. So, JucyDate is a hookup website used by adults who want to have sex.

Is Jucydate A Real Website?

Yes, Juicy Date is a real website where users hook up and meet sex partners nearby. The site has a system that automatically matches people due to their preferences. If you want to have sex with a hot woman, just log in, and you will see available options. 

How To Use JucyDate?

To start seeking sex partners, create an account. It’s an easy thing to do, you just need an email. Fill in the information required by the site and create an account. Then fill your profile with info and photos. Use search to find sexy men or women nearby. Or choose from recommended hot profiles to have sex with one of these individuals. 

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