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Heated Affairs Review: Meet Perfect Sex Partners:

The developer (Different Inc.) of such websites as and have developed another platform – Heated Affairs. One niche in online dating has been ignored for a while now – the married people dating niche. It’s considered to be unconventional since people either seek serious relationships or casual sex partners. But married people tend to seek affairs, and they want to be sure their relationships are discreet.

The Heated Affairs review shows that this site is all about discreet casual relationships. Just like AshleyMadison (except that without a scandal in 2015), this adult sex website offers discreetness to those users who are in relationships or married. If they want to keep their affairs a secret, then the Heated Affairs website is supposed to grant privacy and safety. But is it? Find out in the following review.

In A Nutshell

The Heated Affairs platform developers claim the app is used by almost fifty million users around the world. It’s a platform you use when you want to have a discreet affair. It is also used by users who want to have sexual experiments or find casual sex partners. The site has a pretty good reputation and positive reviews of current and former members.

Heated Affairs main page

8.6 Score

  • 8.5 Value for price
  • 8.6 Quality of members
  • 8.9 Ease of use
  • 8.7 Customer satisfaction
  • 8.6 Safety

Pros And Cons


  • Active users.
  • Members from all over the world.
  • Has a webcam option (chat with pro models).
  • All relationships are discreet.
  • Several really good free options are available to registered users.
  • Quizzes and tests.
  • Watch adult movies (discount during first 3 days).
  • Has a Heated Affairs mobile app to use.


  • More males than females.
  • No Facebook or Google registration options.

Who Uses The Site?

The word “affairs’” hints at what type of users prefer to enjoy the website. Yes, the website is widely popular among married people and users who want to have discreet sexual relationships. But it is also used by couples who want to have some threesomes or want to gain swinger experience. Singles use the website as well.

The age range is around 20 to 40 years, but there are older and a bit younger users as well. The website has adult content, so underage users are not welcomed on Heated Affairs. Overall, the website is used by individuals who want to have a fun sexual experience and keep their relations discrete.

What Is The Heated Affairs Platform?

The developers claim their website is one of the most used cheating websites out there. And they are partially right since there are not that many good cheating platforms out there. Heated Affairs is an app where individuals seek sex partners nearby. Considering the big database of members in various countries, it’s pretty easy to find sex partners. It’s in theory, but what about the practice?

When you create an account, you are asked to fill in the profile. The system asks all sorts of personal questions. For instance, what are your gender and sexual orientation? Who do you prefer to have sex with, etc.? You don’t have to type your real name – a nickname will do. It’s a precaution since the site is supposed to be discreet.

It seems that the only two options that make your profile discreet are that you use a fake name, and you can skip the status option. Instead of choosing ‘in a relationship’, ‘married’, etc., members choose ‘prefer not to answer’. In case someone you know manages to find you on the website (which will be difficult), you can always say that it’s not you and someone is using your identity.

The website is targeted at people who want to spice up their lives by meeting sex partners. The app has several interesting features to make users’ experience a bit more fun than just seeking partners.

Heated Affairs Sex Partners

Main And Additional Features

Two main features are matchmaking and search functions. They grant the option of meeting a sex partner nearby. The search is pretty standard, all a member needs to do is to set the standards.

For instance, specify the race, nationality, gender, physical appearance of the individuals you want to meet by using the search filters. It is recommended to specify your preferences in your profile as well. The matchmaking system will use the data to recommend profiles.

To make the usage of the website fun and enjoyable, the developers have implemented other features:

  • Quizzes;
  • Multiple accounts;
  • Live actions;
  • Blogs;
  • Magazines;
  • Sex academy;
  • Contests.

When compared to other smaller websites, it seems that Heated Affairs has more options to choose from. The idea of quizzes is obvious – it helps individuals to meet the best sex partners. Many say that opposites attract each other, but in reality, people with similar interests suit each other better in serious or in casual relationships. Quizzes help in finding the right partners. As a result, members meet people who can satisfy them in bed.

The Multiple accounts function is an option which allows linking several accounts belonging to one network. Heated Affairs belongs to a famous network, so linking several accounts increases the chances of meeting the most appropriate sex partner.

Live actions are pretty obvious – members organize live streams, invite other users to join them, etc. There is also an option to review the live streams of professional models. It’s possible since the developer of Heated Affairs is also working on webcams.

Members can read blogs and post their own stories in blogs. Special magazines about adult topics are also available on Heated Affairs. And one interesting option – a sex academy, is also available. So, is Heated Affairs real? Yes, the website is real, and it has relatively positive reviews from former and current members.

Free Or Paid

The website is definitely not free since it has so many functions. The app belongs to a well-known network, and some of the functions are related to other websites. Like watching professional models or viewing adult movies.

Prices And Plans

As it was mentioned, the website is paid for. It has a subscription that enables members to contact whoever they want. After choosing the subscription, users get access to most perks. But even after purchasing a subscription, you still need to pay for some other fun functions if you want to use them.

Such paid features are the ability to watch adult movies, use the highlights (account boosts), enjoy private rooms, etc. Each option is paid, so it makes the site even more expensive. Members mention in reviews that buying the Premium subscription is enough to enjoy the Heated Affairs site. You could also benefit from using the highlights paid option since it boosts your chances to meet a sex partner sooner.


To start using the site, users have to create accounts. Open a Heated Affairs login page and fill the standard registration form. Scroll a bit down to find the registration option, it’s right next to live streams. Yes, you can see the live streams since some of them are free to watch.

Choose who you are and who are you looking for, then go to the next step and reveal your location, age, etc. Then just complete all other steps and create a new account. Make sure to go to your mailbox and verify the newly created account. As you see, even couples can benefit from using the site. So, it’s not just about cheating on your partner, it could be a way to experiment with sexuality.

Heated Affairs create account

Search And Profile Quality

The search is pretty standard, it has filters, so users adjust it the way they want. Heated Affairs doesn’t allow you to see profiles of other users unless you upgrade to Premium. It’s a trend nowadays among sites of such type. On the other hand, it offers a level of protection – simply creating an account is not enough to review profiles, you have to pay. In case someone wants to find out about another user, they have to pay, so that’s good.

The profiles on the website are of good quality. They are stocked with detailed information about the user, so it’s easier to hook up with someone compatible. The information in the profile includes age, preferences, sexual orientation, and other facts helpful to other users.

Safety & Security

The website is relatively safe. It has a secured Internet connection to make sure all purchases are safe. It’s also free of any harmful software programs, so it won’t damage your device. But users are advised to be careful when meeting other members since the site isn’t responsible for anything that happens in real life.

Help & Support

The support team is polite and knows how to communicate with customers. Reviews mention members of the team are mostly friendly when answering questions or resolving problems. You need to wait a while for the reply.

Final Thoughts

The website is good to use if you want to experience exciting and spicy feelings. It’s a bit risky to use standard dating websites like Tinder when you are already in a relationship, so Heated Affairs might be a life-saving option. The Heated Affairs platform has lots of interesting functions, but all of them are paid.

Users leave mostly positive reviews, but it doesn’t mean the site has only advantages. Yes, it has lots of interesting and fun-to-use features, but all of these options are paid for. It’s OK to use the website, but you might also find an app that is simply hooking up people, and it will be less expensive.

Alternatives To Heated Affairs

Since the Heated Affairs platform is used by people in relationships, they might also benefit from such a website as AshleyMadison. It’s strictly designed for people who are in relationships. But there are other options too – BeNaughty, AdultFriendFinder, XMatch, FriendFinderX. These sites are used by people who want to have sex with no strings attached. All of these alternatives have members worldwide.


What Type Of A Platform Is Heated Affairs?

The Heated Affairs platform is an app where you meet partners for sex. It’s only used to hook up with other individuals. It is targeted at singles or people in relationships, and it grants privacy - you don’t even have to reveal your real name. 

How To Use Heated Affairs?

First, create an account by filling in the required information. Second, verify your account by using the link sent to your email. Third, upgrade to the Premium membership. You could use Heated Affairs only to hook up, but for an extra price, users also may enjoy some 18+ content.

Can I Use Heated Affairs Free Of Charge?

You may use Heated Affairs free of charge, but you won’t get any perks. Some live streams are free to watch (if they are public), but you won't even be able to review someone’s profile. If you want to use the site to meet sex partners, then you should buy a Heated Affairs subscription. 

In What Countries The Site Works?

The Heated Affairs platform seems to be working in all countries where casual dating is a thing. You can create an account and check out whether you can find singles or other individuals in your area to hook up. The Heated Affairs platform is well-known in the US, but since it has worldwide popularity too, it’s used in a lot of European countries as well. 

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