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A Detailed Mytranssexualdate Review

With the dating world continuing to evolve, many new dating sites are established almost daily. These adult dating sites provide services to millions of users worldwide searching for long-term relationships, companionships, or even one-night stands. Whatever your wish is, you are almost likely to satisfy them with these dating sites.

However, not all dating sites are ideal and legit. There are those with fake members who just want to scam members. Luckily, numerous dating websites are legit and really want to connect people to each other irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Mytranssexualdate is one such top-quality site. It is a dating platform dedicated to transgender and transexual men and women. This unique dating website allows people with diverse sexual orientations to interact and hook up with each other without stigma. In this Mytranssexualdate review, you will learn more about the site and all you should know about it. Read on to discover more.

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Overall Rating scores a high rating in the following categories:

  • Registration: 4
  • Profile Quality: 4
  • Chances of Dating Successfully: 3.5
  • Privacy and Security: 4
  • Customer Service: 4
  • Total Rating: 3.9/5

The registration process on Mytranssexualdate is straightforward and takes little time. The members’ profiles are good, with many of them being real persons. You have a good chance of finding your desired partner on the platform. While doing this, you are assured of your privacy and safety, with the site ensuring its users’ data are always protected. Customer support is also good and always on hand to respond to any issues you may have.


Once you become a Mytranssexualdate user, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • It will help you connect with transgender men and women of diverse sexual orientations.
  • It is easy to register on the platform.
  • You can browse pictures and access some other features for free
  • It has quality guidelines that strengthen the transgender and transsexual community and keep it positive


The pitfalls for this website include:

  • There is no mobile app
  • Only premium male members can chat
  • It has very few features

Who Uses

Mytranssexualdate has diverse members, with the majority of the users being transgender women, who are allowed to use the site for free. It now has about 700,000 users with a high activity rate among users. Most users are from the US and Europe. The most popular age category on the website is 26-32. You can access the site in different languages, including English, French, Thai, German, Spanish, Italian, etc. It is easy for users to navigate the site.

About Mytranssexualdate

The platform was started to make it easier for transsexual and transgender persons to find partners and help members of the community connect with each other. With these connections and interactions between members, the site hopes that transgender persons will learn to appreciate their sexuality and feel no shame about it.

French entrepreneur Cyril Mazur and his transgender wife Maki Gongoyon founded the website and launched it in 2013. Since its founding, it has continued to rise in popularity, gaining more members daily. There is no doubt that this growth will continue into the coming years.

Mazur and Gongoyon hoped that by establishing the adult dating platform, transexual women can find the men of their dreams who appreciate them for who they really are. Hence, they went the extra mile to ensure that the site promotes serious and sincere dating relationships. To this end, the website prohibits sexual encounters, prostitution, hookups, and other forms of illicit sexual affairs.

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Key Features of

One of the things you will notice after visiting the dating site is that it is very simple and bears down on features. Hence, rather than focusing on excessive features, the website optimized its other aspects. This leads to better site responsiveness, making navigation fast and easy. The limited features also mean the site’s premium membership prices remain low and affordable. This affordability makes it possible for many people to access the site.

However, these circumstances don’t mean Mytranssexualdate does not have features. There are still many features on the platform that make users enjoy their experience. These include:

Picture Uploads

Most dating sites have this feature, and Mytranssexualdate does not lack in that regard. However, it goes even further by not limiting picture uploads on its premium membership. This means you can upload as many pictures as you wish. You can also set privacy for your uploaded photos.

Active Moderation

Unlike most other sites, moderation is an important feature on Mytranssexualdate and is highlighted in blue at the lower end of each profile. If anything goes wrong, the moderation team is always on hand to react swiftly.

Social Media Linking

The website takes every service it offers seriously and wants to make transgender and transsexual dating normal. Hence, it introduced the social media linking feature, which allows you to link your dating profile to your social media accounts. Hence, you can log in via Facebook and share updates on your dating profile on your social media statuses.

How Does Mytranssexualdate Operate?

The way Mytranssexualdate works is much different from many other dating sites. It is a platform where transgender women can find real love and meaningful relationships. It makes this easier by allowing making most of its core features free for trans women. They can subscribe to the premium plan to enjoy other benefits but have access to all communication features without doing so. However, for them to enjoy messaging privileges, they need to complete their profiles and upload their authentic photos on their profiles.

However, men have to be on premium membership to send and receive messages. Hence, if you are a man with a free account, you won’t be able to communicate with other users on the site.

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Is Mytranssexualdate Free?

Many of Mytranssexualdate’s features are free. With a free account, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Create your profile
  • Browse through users’ profile and pictures
  • You can upload 16 pictures
  • You can use search filters
  • Trans users can send and receive messages
  • Other users can see your profile

If you upgrade to a premium account, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Send and receive messages
  • Your profile will appear as a featured profile
  • You will be able to upload limitless pictures

Prices and Plans on Mytranssexualdate

Mytranssexualdate has a limited free membership and a paid premium version. The membership subscription cost is shown in the table below:

Duration Price Per Month Total
One Month $29.90 $29.90
Three Months $22.90 $68.70
Six Months $16.90 $101.40
12 Months $10.90 $130.80

Mytranssexualdate Login and Registration Process

Registering to become a Mytranssexualdate user is simple and takes little time. You can sign up via Facebook, which takes about a minute, and via manual registration, which takes about two to five minutes. You only need to fill in vital information like your name, age, gender, and location. After completing your registration, you will need to verify your email address to activate your account.

If you are a male user, activating your account gives you access to the dating site’s free features until you enjoy the premium account to enjoy all the other features. Meanwhile, trans women have access to almost all the features with their free accounts. Hence, they must fill in more information in their profiles.

Search and Profile Quality

Mytranssexualdate’s members use the site’s search feature frequently because the site does not have many features, to begin with. The search feature is powerful and can deliver good matches easily. You can filter your searches into categories like age, physical attributes, location, marital status, preferences, and many more. Male members can also search for women based on whether they have undergone or want to undergo a Sex Reassignment Surgery.

The website can boast an excellent profile quality thanks to its intention to connect transsexual men and women. Hence, it ensures that trans women, who are allowed to have free accounts, complete their profile with relevant and updated information. The site also ensures strict profile moderation and removes any substandard profile.

You can see your profile completion level. If you are a trans user and update your profile to a sufficient level, you will receive a verified badge. The profile information you are to fill in includes some of your information and preferences.

Site Safety and Security: Is Mytranssexualdate Legit?

The website ensures its users’ safety with multiple measures it employs during registration to ensure users fill in their required information. The site is also SSL-encrypted and does not share members’ information with third parties. Your actions on the platform are strictly confidential. In addition to these, the site’s strict moderation policy ensures non-standard profiles get kicked out. You can carry out all your transactions on the site without fear of being scammed or have your data or privacy infringed upon.

Customer Support

Mytranssexualdate has a top-notch customer care service that is always ready and willing to respond to users’ issues and questions. You will receive answers to your questions within 24 hours. The customer support is always professional when responding to members and gives practical solutions to any problem. Their response time is relatively timely when compared to that of other similar adult dating sites.

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Conclusion is a credible dating website for transgender persons and transsexuals. It is a welcome environment for people with diverse sexual orientations and provides a haven for them to interact without feeling anyway. The website goes a long way to ensure users’ profiles are real and complete and ensures members have genuine intentions. Besides that, this simple dating platform is safe and conducive for everyone. You should try it out today.

Alternative Sites to Mytranssexualdate

Here are some of the sites similar to Mytranssexualdate:

  • TSDates, which has over 78 million users worldwide.
  • TGPersonals: It is a top-rated dating site.
  • OkCupid: An active site that accepts all genders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the unique nature of this adult dating platform, it is not a surprise to find that people have many questions to ask about it. Here are some of the questions people ask about the Mytranssexualdate dating site:

Will I Meet Transgender Women in Mytranssexualdate?

Yes, you will. With this dating site, you can disclose your sexual orientation or preferences to someone you are interested in without being scared or fearing stigmatization. The site encourages people with diverse sexual orientations to connect freely in a conducive environment. 

Is Mytranssexualdate a Real Site? 

Yes, it is. It has only genuine members. There are about 700,000 users on the site from various parts of the world. You have a high chance of meeting your preferred lover on this platform. So, don't feel shy. Create your account today and enjoy the experience you will surely get. 

Will I Get Good Value for My Money?

Once you pay for the site's premium membership plan, you can start sending and receiving messages from other users. Within time, you are sure to meet someone you like. If that happens, the chances of starting a relationship with the person are increased. 

I Can't Log in to My Account. What Can I Do? 

If you find it hard to log into your account, it may mean you have forgotten your password. You can use the password recovery page to recover your password and log in. If this fails to work, it may mean that the moderators closed your account. If that is the case, an email must have been sent to you explaining why you were banned from the site. 

Is There a Mytranssexualdate Mobile App? 

At this moment, there is no mobile app for the dating platform. However, you can always access it via your mobile phone browser. 

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