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HornyAffairs Review: Place for Adult Dating

Even if you don’t want to tie the knot just yet, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have certain needs. If you are just like a lot of other people around the world who just want to get laid, then you have several amazing options to use. For instance, you could go to a bar to pick up girls or visit a club. But the most popular and efficient way to get laid is to use dating sites for adults. One of such sites is HornyAffairs.HornyAffairsThe HornyAffairs review is about the sex website where adults meet like-minded individuals who just want to have sex without strings attached. HornyAffairs is a fairly popular sex dating platform, it is mainly preferred in the United States. With a fairly big audience worldwide, a big portion of the members’ structure still comes from the US, but can be used in other countries too.

Short Summary

It’s a fairly popular adult dating platform where users can meet hookups. Many people use it to express their sexuality, to flirt, to have fun even without meeting the actual person in reality. simply offers what a person needs at the moment. But if you are ready to meet sexual partners, then you may greatly benefit from HornyAffairs. It’s a fun app to use and encounter interesting people whether only online or in person.

7.7 Score

7.6Value for price7.8Quality of members8.0Ease of use7.3Customer satisfaction7.7Safety

Pros And Cons


  • Easy to hook up.
  • Has a relatively big audience, mostly from the US.
  • Offers tons of adult options.
  • Active users.
  • Useful interface grants positive user experience.
  • A nice option to use when you want to flirt online with sexy people.


  • Has many negative reviews, even though many comments are positive.
  • Outdated design.
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app.


So, what is the audience of HornyAffairs? The audience on this sex site is mainly interested in sexual affairs. The website is enjoyed by open-minded people who want to either hook up or simply have fun online. It is all genders and races friendly, has people with different types of sexuality. You can benefit from using the website if you are straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, transexual, etc. The audience is pretty friendly, so most people feel wanted and can find sexual partners.

About HornyAffairs: Is HornyAffairs Fake?

Some people ask if HornyAffairs real, which is a good question for someone interested in using a website to meet partners. Yes, HornyAffairs is a real platform with many users. Most members of the community come from the US, but there are exceptions. You may meet people from Europe and Asia while using the website.The site offers a diverse pool of people. HornyAffairs has members of all genders and sexual orientations, races, etc. It’s a friendly app where people hook up or flirt online. The site has active users. There are many people online on an everyday basis. Members can post adult photos to attract potential hookup partners. It’s like social media, but design to meet adult needs. You may interact with users in different ways – by commenting under certain posts, liking pictures, messaging users, sending icebreakers, etc. HornyAffairs is certainly a real hookup app where members feel quite comfortable and safe. The environment is pretty friendly and most users claim in their reviews that it’s a decent website where you actually can meet sexual partners. HornyAffairs is especially beneficial for citizens of the United States.

Key Features

It’s a relatively simple app without too many options. It has basic options like search and matchmaking. These two functions enable users to meet sexual partners nearby. The search is pretty advanced and offers to check out profiles of sexually compatible members nearby. Other features include winking, sending icebreakers, watching adult videos, posting explicit photos, etc.The site does not offer anything special, even the user interface is too plain. On the other hand, it accomplishes the main goal – to hook people up. If you want to have hot conversations with sexy individuals, you need to upgrade the account to premium. Before that you may only receive messages and review profiles. Upon upgrading the account, you go up in rankings, get more exposure, can send messages and have fun.

Is It Free Or Paid?

Currently have HornyAffairs offers 2 membership types:

  • Standard free membership.
  • Premium paid membership.

It seems like you may utilize it free of charge, but in reality, a standard free membership allows you to receive and read messages from premium members, review other peoples’ profiles without any limits, but you can’t send messages on your own. So, you may simply check out the site as a standard user, but won’t be able to hook up. As a premium member, you unlock all possible options of the app. You also appear higher in search results, meaning, you get more exposure thus more chances to find sexual partners. Premium members also get full access to adult videos.

How To Sign Up?

The registration procedure takes a minute. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. All you need to do is to insert your active email address, come up with a password, add your date of birth, agree to terms and conditions, and the job is done! hornyaffairs registration

Search Function And Profile Quality

The quality of profiles is pretty diverse. Some members post more photos, add more personal details, so it is a lot easier to figure out whether you have something in common sexually. Other profiles are a bit plain. Note, HrnyAffairs does not allow sending messages if you aren’t a premium member. So if you don’t get replies from users, it’s only because they have free membership. This feature reduces the risk of fake accounts.The search is standard, which is good. It accomplishes its mission, so members find sex partners easily. The matchmaking option keeps offering to review profiles of members nearby who may meet your sexual desires.

Member Protection

The three main protection features make sure that all members are protected, and these are:

  • The antivirus protection – accomplishes checks to see whether users upload clean content.
  • Safe web connection – protects personal data like passwords, logins, etc.
  • Sending messages – users are able to send messages only if they have paid accounts.

The moderation team keeps monitoring the site and reacting to complaints of members of the community. If someone violates the rules of the platform, report them and they will be blocked.

Support Team

Members of the support respond when they can. It may take a while, but you will get your answer. To send a message, go to the Help section, open the Q&A, and there will be a standard from. hornyaffairs support


Do I Need A Premium Membership To Enjoy The App?

Yes, the reviews on HornyAffairs prove that the site is of a paid type and you definitely need to buy a membership if you want to benefit from using the hookup platform. On the bright side, the app offers trials, and you may review the profiles of other members of the network upon completing the registration. So yes, you get a perfect chance to check out who is using HornyAffairs.

Is The Membership Auto-Renewed And Should I Cancel It?

Yes, the membership on such types of websites is typically automatically renewed. If you plan on leaving the website, it is recommended to first cancel the subscription. To do so, go to payment methods and cancel the subscription by deleting your credit card from payment methods.

Can I Get A Refund?

Some dating platforms offer a refund if users weren’t able to find what they needed. But unfortunately, HornyAffairs is not such a type of website. Users in reviews mention that even if you buy a three months subscription, and then a month later you want to stop using the site, you won’t get a refund for the unused two months of the site. So note this fact if you are planning to use HornyAffairs.

Is HornyAffairs Legit?

It depends on your needs. If you live in the United States and in a bigger city, you will benefit a lot from the HornyAffairs platform. It is easy to encounter sexual partners in bigger cities. But if you are in a smaller city, you might have to travel to another city just to hook up. On the other hand, you get to flirt online. Many people aren’t comfortable meeting someone right away, they think it’s too dangerous. While HornyAffairs has many online options to satisfy members’ sexual needs.

What Safety Measures Has The Site To Protect Its Members?

The reviews show that the site has a protected connection to the web, which is great. Since the platform is paid, it needs to be protected when members use their credit cards to pay for the hookup services. Other people also mentioned in reviews that it’s nice that you aren’t able to send messages if you are a standard member. Meaning, you won’t be disturbed by random bullies or even fake accounts - you have to pay to start messaging members.

Can I See Members' Profiles?

Yes, you may see members’ profiles, but only upon completing the registration. It’s one of the protection measures, so users of the community won’t be disturbed by outsiders. To create a profile and review your options, go to the HornyAffairs login page and follow the registration instructions.

How To Delete HornyAffairs?

Since it doesn’t have an app, you simply need to go to settings in the profile, cancel the subscription, and then delete the account. It’s an easy action, but you have to remember your password.

Final Thoughts

HornyAffairs is not the brightest of the hookup options, but it is certainly not the worst platform out there. HornyAffairs is somewhere in between. It is too plain to be amazing, but too good at matchmaking to be bad. The sex site offers plenty of options and is friendly to all races, genders, sexual orientations. The members are active, but the audience is not too big.It has adult content so it’s advised to use only if you are of legal age. Another thing to note is that reviews mention the safety function of the site – it’s on a good level. Members may simply flirt with hot people if they don’t want to meet in reality. But if you are ready to hook up, just go for it, the matchmaking is precise.


The better alternatives to HornyAffairs are AdultFriendFinder, FriendFinder-X, BeNaughty, AshleyMadison, Grindr (for gay men), OkCupid (for people of all orientations), even Tinder.

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