Adult Dating Sites Review Updated 2023 – Best Adult’s Guide

Pros & Cons


  • Flirt casts for fast icebreakers;
  • Affordable video profiles and good quality chats;
  • Exclusive website for gay and bisexual adult partners;
  • Prompt customer support due to numerous positive reviews;
  • 3-day free trial;
  • Flirtcast’s powerful matchmaking features are helpful in finding the best match.


  • Limited options;
  • Messages bombard you unless you change the settings.

What is

GaysGoDating is an amazing gay hookup website that creates a safe and friendly environment for gay singles seeking their perfect sex partner. This impeccable site has several ways to meet new gay people. Choose a perfect man through gay online acquaintances, find someone on the Gaysgodating chat, or be found in person by gay members.

What is GaysGoDating? is a great and user-friendly sex portal with many powerful features and many sexy adult members. According to a review of, the website gives all gay men the opportunity to meet the other best gay partners, thereby showing how Gaysgodating operates.

According to GaysGoDating dating site reviews, this user-friendly sex service allows its users to return to the dating game. This great opportunity gives single people a chance to communicate in a variety of pleasant ways, including in-person, via chat or advanced matching service. Trusted Gaysgodating reviews give you the opportunity to create your own ranking at Join this impeccable adult sex portal and find out if this platform is made just for you. Check out the real review of GaysGoDating.

Website & App & Interface

After completing the simple registration process and verifying your email address, you may start exploring the interface and functionality of this great sex site. Starting from the main page after registration, it looks convenient, understandable and not overloaded with necessary information. One gets the feeling that there is everything you need and nothing more to meet and start a conversation with naked and attractive gays.

GaysGoDating notifications inform you that the search results display profiles with photos of the hottest men to show off their dignity. All adult members are eager to communicate with the person who has the best profile photo, considering him a real user.

The user’s home page is user-friendly and responsive. You may fish out a list of verified and new gay members. The top toolbar consists of:

  • Menu;
  • Search;
  • Messages;
  • Views;
  • Winks;
  • Friends.

On the right, there is a suggestion to update your account. Notably, there are no pop-ups or annoying banners reminding new members to update their accounts and become paid premium members of the service. The upper toolbar contains the correct filtering options.

The truth about GaysGoDating is that the site does not have a mobile application but all its functions are available through a practical and equally convenient mobile version of the site. It can be opened from any phone via a mobile browser. Just visit GaysGoDating as if you were using a desktop computer and the site will automatically switch to the mobile version.

GaysGoDating Sign Up Process

GaysGoDating dating site registration process begins with providing basic information including your real age, current email address, actual location, and the password you wish to use to GaysGoDating log in. It is possible to check the real age of new members during registration. The age restrictions are from 18 to 78.

Email Address Confirmation

GaysGoDating offers new adult users an easy registration process. Verification of the email address is also required. The basic details are followed by this process. Make sure you have access to the exact email address you are using. The automatic system sends a confirmation link to your current email address by which you can activate your account for full use. You can enter the four-digit code on the email verification page to proceed.

Upload Photo Requirements

Adding a photo is optional. Choose the best photo to upload. If you download it, then follow the following requirements:

  • The size of the uploaded photo is 320 x 320 pixels, no more than 8 MB;
  • Recommended photo formats: jpeg, jpg or png;
  • The photo should not contain any personal information;
  • No inappropriate gestures and inappropriate adult material on

How Does GaysGoDating Work?

This incomparable sex site works according to a simple scheme. After registration, you choose your interlocutor for daily communication. With advanced and well-thought-out search functions, you will find the best like-minded sex partner. To connect with other adult members, you may send them a private message. Besides text messaging, such a nice service allows you to share photos and videos with each other. Messaging is a premium feature but you can send people to your matches for free by rating their profiles and saving them to your favorites list.

Is GaysGoDating good? This great sex site is at the top when it comes to messaging features with sex members when compared to other gay hookup websites. It might work if you are a straightforward type. GaysGoDating is quite intuitive which makes new visitors of the current gay portal pleased. The Gaysgodating layout is simple. This is a basic feature. It gives its users the impression that the service is quite user-friendly.

The matching feature clearly shows local matches on the homepage making it easy to find singles. Site guests may continue their search for the best gay partner using the convenient search function at the top of the menu page.

Thanks to the advanced settings menu, you will find indicators that show if someone has sent a message to you. Chats and messaging are easy to use. Users simply have to go to another user’s profile before starting a chat. provides answers to all the questions for the most basic dating.

Profile Quality

Many people are interested in whether the GaysGoDating profiles are real and of high quality. There should be enough profile sections so you can get a feel for the identity of a gay member on GaysGoDating. As you can skip most of the registration process, they are left blank most of the time.

GaysGoDating allows each member to click the “Ask to Add” button in each section of the profile that prompts the member to fill in their details. Thus, you fill out the profile fully attracting the attention of the best gay candidates.

Basic information includes the name, age and location of the member which are obvious when creating your account. You are allowed to view a thumbnail version of the main profile photo. However, to view it in full size, upgrade to a premium membership.

Additional features of the GaysGoDating Premium include viewing Photo Albums and a Search section where you will find member relationship settings. In general, the profile pages will contain enough information if you update your account. But is GaysGoDating legit? Obviously, this has all the direct evidence that can be found on reliable forums and reviews.

Special Features

Gaysgodating is a fairly basic adult dating sex site. It provides several features that make it one of the best. First, all users are gay or bisexual. It’s great that the gay community has a niche dating site that they can come to and chat with like-minded people. GaysGoDating has additional amazing features such as:

Like Gallery

Free Like Gallery feature allows you to see photos behind member photos on the GaysGoDating website. You can like someone as much as you want and exclude those you don’t like. It’s a lot like a quick date making it easy to flip through multiple profiles in just a few minutes.

Flirting in Cast

This is the favorite feature of GaysGoDating users. You can send a preset message to several profiles at once. It’s like an icebreaker making first contact much easier and more natural. With Flirt Cast, you may send your message to other members and start chatting with everyone who replies. This is much better than sending each message individually and waiting for individual responses.

Video Messages

GaysGoDating recently added a great feature called video messaging. You can upload 6-120 second videos of yourself to post on your profile or send to another member. Gaysgodating allows you to customize your notifications. You can choose which messages you receive, including:

  • New matches;
  • New likes;
  • Notifications and tips from administrators;
  • New messages in your mailbox;
  • New profile views;
  • New photo messages;
  • Messages from new members;
  • Someone asked you for a photo;
  • Someone asked you for additional information;
  • New photos have been added at your request.

You may also be notified of your best matches including when they are online when they added information or photos to their profile, or if there are any updates to the site.

Searching Options

The search function on GayGoDaiting is very clear and easy. All adult gay members may use the basic partner search options found at the top of the site’s page. They can choose what they are searching for by age and location. This indicates that such seekers of the ideal partner are already ready to start a conversation. They may filter out their search according to the criteria they want based on parameters such as hair color or eye color. It allows users to more precisely customize their desired search.

Communication Methods

  • Instant chat;
  • Messaging;
  • Video/Photo sharing.

GaysGoDating Alternatives

  • Grindr;

All of these alternatives are used to find a potential partner by referring to reliable sources of acquaintance. Thanks to GaysGoDating alternatives, you can afford more by choosing several decent gay sex sites at once.

Membership & Pricing

Free Membership

Every gay man can create a free account with a verified email address. You may skip adding photos and any personal data. With a free account, you may explore the service and some of the members, read the Terms and Conditions, or tips on how to get the best experience on the platform. Free members cannot write messages, cannot access chat rooms and video chat, and see all search results. Free members can see only small-size photos.


A premium account is made for people with serious intentions. It’s worth noting that if you have a free account, there won’t be any notifications that will force you to renew your account. Premium is a statement you make to other members. With the updated account, you say “Hi! I have good intentions. Keep this in mind! “.

Premium gives you the opportunity to experience all the benefits of the service. The updated premium account gives you a great opportunity to meet a person on the service if this is your original goal.

In addition, Premium membership provides you with:

  • Unlimited Chats;
  • Photos with high resolution and high quality;
  • More personal information in profiles;
  • Advanced Search;
  • Premium Support;
  • Exchange of media files in the chat.

With an upgraded premium account can video chat, text chat, and exchange media in chats. It’s important for people with serious intentions to have an updated account. Membership is not only your ticket to free unlimited communication but also a statement that you really want to meet the person on the platform and that you are an open-minded person. It is worth checking your account with the purchase of your membership. Both give you a better response rate and more trust from others.


There is a very handy feature where you can test all the benefits in three days. The three-day trial costs $ 0.99 per day and gives you access to all the features of a paid membership. A regular membership costs $ 45 for one month, $ 47.10 for three months, and $ 75 for a six-month membership. Obviously, a one-month subscription is the most expensive.


Is GaysGoDating safe? GaysGoDating offers a safe mode for members who want to be extra careful. This feature allows you to block contact with any member if not directly verified by GaysGoDating. This is a really useful feature if you want to deal with potential real members of a gay portal. It also has a verified member feature to make sure you are who you say you are on your profile. GaysGoDating asks you to call directly to speak to an operator to verify your identity.


GaysGoDating offers excellent customer support where you can write to resolve any issue. However, in the future, it is expected to contact support directly through calls and not just chats.


Why Can You Trust GaysGoDating?

This sex portal has a high level of security due to the fact that all profiles are verified. To find out how much you can trust the site, you can also read reviews from real users.

Is Legit?

This adult sex portal is completely legal and provides its users with acceptable terms of use.

Is My Phone Number Required to Register on GaysGoDating?

When registering on the site, you only provide your name, age and location.

Conclusion is a great sex site made to make online dating easier for gay and bisexual people. This adult portal offers all the necessary features to try. Its users will find the best matches in their area. The members can search for partners and communicate with them by trying an intuitive chat function. It features a clean design and is easy to use making it the perfect choice for first-time online dating experiences.

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