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Fubar Dating Site: A World of Endless Possibilities

Currently, Fubar is one of the world’s most popular adult dating websites cum social media networks. Though there are many dating sites, it stands out because of its unique services and features. The adult dating site’s advanced features make many users continue to throng to it to find the partner of their dreams.

In this detailed review, you will discover so much more about Fubar and know what is so special about it that draws thousands of users. At the end of this Fubar review, you will know if it is the right dating website for you or if you need to find somewhere else to go. Keep on reading to find out so much more.

Overall Rating

  • User Interface: 4
  • Population: 4
  • Security: 4
  • Customer Support: 4.5
  • Profile Quality: 4
  • Money Value: 4.5
  • Total Score: 4/5

Fubar is easy to navigate, and you will find all you are looking for without stress. Over 13 million people use the site for dating and hookup activities, with over 340,000 members active weekly. Members are assured of their security because the dating site is SSL-encrypted with the highest security features, keeping users and their data safe. The site’s customer service is also top-notch, while the quality of members’ profiles is also worthy of your time and good value for your money.

Fubar main page

What Is the Fubar Dating Site?

Fubar is a website that combines adult dating with social media networking. The site has a virtual bar as one of its features and allows users to have public and private interactions with each other. Besides being a dating app and social media network, Fubar is also a game platform as its users have access to many games on the site, which they can play and earn money while doing so. Fubar is located in Massachusetts, Boston and was established in 1997. It is owned by Social Concepts Inc.


The benefits of joining the Fubar adult dating site are too numerous to mention. However, the key pros include:

  • It has many features and tools that enhance interaction between members and ease the process.
  • The site’s members are diverse, meaning you always have options and can hook up with new people daily.
  • You are never bored on Fubar because of the hookups. You can also play multiple games on the website. You can earn Fubar’s virtual currency, Fubucks, and free points through these games, saving you extra money.
  • Fubar’s features are unique, with many of them unavailable on other dating platforms.
  • Fubar’s plans are not costly and are also accessible to many users.
  • You can customize your profile and even use animations.
  • The site’s social media network does not have a standard format, attracting many users worldwide.


If you use Fubar, you may experience the following drawbacks:

  • Its interactive features and various features may make you irritated and may take a while for you to get used to.
  • You are bound to receive multiple notifications from other site members, which may cause you inconveniences.

Who are Fubar’s Users?

Fubar has over 13 million users, with over seven million of those users from the US. Over 100,000 Fubar users are from the UK, while Canada has more than 40,000 users. Most Fubar members are there to find partners for hookups and also to socialize. Whether you just want to make new friends or play games on the site, you are sure of never being bored.

About seven million Fubar users are between 18-24, while nearly 750,000 are aged 25-29. Nearly two million users fall between 30-39, while more than 1.1 million users are 40-49. Fubar also has about three million members who are 50-69 years old, while those aged over 70 are about 70,000.

Fubar also has a 70% hookup rate, meaning your chances of hooking up with someone is high. Men make up 51% of the site’s users, while women make up 49%. These statistics mean that you will find your desired partner no matter their age or geographical location.

Fubar’s Key Features

Your experience on the Fubar adult dating app is much more enjoyable because of the site’s key features. You will begin to use these features once you sign up. Some of these features include:

The Tools Panel

The tools panel allows you to see Fubar’s best-rated users’ tools, enabling you to find out more information about them. Some of the information about users you will find on the tools panel includes their nickname, level on the website, the total number of picture uploads, number of friends, and fans. You will also find their fame rate, their Bling Power level, their ability to use the platform, how long they have been Fubar users, and their status.

Through the tools panel, you will able to send a like to a user you like. You can also get in touch with them. To do this, you can send a drink or drop a message to them.

The Home Page

Once you sign up, Fubar’s homepage will consist of your profile and some site settings. On the homepage, you will have access to the number of messages you have, your notifications, see the available surveys, upload photos, see the number of uploaded photos, and see the number of likes you receive daily.

On the home page, you can also see your fame level, which is denoted by the number of stars you have. You can also view the dating site’s top-rated members. These members are categorized differently. These categories include gender, newcomers, and friends’ friends. Your home page also enables you to get a discount and view the general statistics for credits spent.

You can also buy credits to upgrade your profile. Credits also enable you to send gifts and drinks to other users you may be interested in. you will also find a Frequently Asked Questions section with answers to any queries you may have.

fubar home page

There is a section on your Profile called “My,” which is marked New. The My section has a drop-down containing items like Messages, Photos, Family, Friends, Settings, Bling, Achievements, Surveys, Videos, MUMMs, and Blogs. You will also find Lounges, Blasts, Skins, Contacts, History, your Public Profile, Pokes, and the Log Out button.

Messages allow you to see your sent and received messages, while photos enable you to upload and delete pictures. With the Family feature, you can add your real family members, while the friends section is reserved for your friend list. Blings are pictures and animations of different characters that you can give to other users, while Achievements show your progress on the website. With Surveys, you can perform surveys on the site and earn extra fuBucks and points for doing so.

MUMM means “Make Up My Mind.” MUMMs are polls that allow you to make your mind up but don’t allow explicit sexual content. Blasts are short messages you cannot edit after publishing. Every user sees them. With Skins, you can customize your profile using skins, while Lounges are virtual rooms you create to attract users, earning extra points as you do. Pokes is a section to see who poked you, while the log out feature allows you to log out of your profile.

Bling Shop

Here, you buy Blings. You can buy a certain number of Blings depending on the number of credits you have. With Blings, you can give gifts to other users, using it as an ice-breaker to start conversations.

The Leader Boards

Here, you can see the most active users and what they have achieved on the site. You can also see the comprehensive database on the site, ranked members, and most popular members, among others.


Under the “Latest” section, you will find photos, MUMMs, Salutes, and lounges.

The Games Section

This gives you access to multiple games. Playing these games allows you to win points and fubucks. A section called “I’m Bored, grants you access to various experiences that will help cure your boredom.

The Drinks Section

This section also serves as an ice-breaker in starting or maintaining communication with someone you are interested in. if you send someone a virtual drink, you get their attention and show you like them and want to know more about them. Each drink in the drinks session has its specific price in fubucks. You can also get discounted drinks as well.

Fubar’s Mobile App

Besides its interesting website, Fubar also offers its users a mobile app. This mobile app is available on the Apple Store and Google Playstore. With the app, you can carry out your online dating and socializing game on the go. The app gives you access to all of the site’s features, which are optimized for mobile use.

fubar app

Fubar’s Free Features

Though you have to pay for some of Fubar’s features, you can also enjoy others for free. The features you can enjoy for free include:

  • Signing up
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Viewing statistics
  • Communicating with others
  • Deleting and uploading pictures
  • Writing your blog
  • Some games are free
  • Likes, pokes, and blasts are free

Pricing Plans

Fubar makes some of its services free for users but requires them to pay for some. The dating site uses a pricing system that requires its members to buy credits to use some paid features. The credit plans available are shown in the table below:

Number of Credits (Credit Package) Cost in Dollars ($)
1 0.99
5 6.99
10 13.99
25 27.99
35 65.99
65 49.99 (includes a 23% discount)
135 99.99 (includes a 26% discount)
350 249.99 (includes a 29% discount)
1000 679.99 (includes a 32% discount)
2500 1624.99

However, without buying the credits, you can earn free Fubar credits and points by performing some activities on the website. These include:

  • Signing up, which gives you 50,000 points and fubucks
  • Uploading pictures
  • Creating and running new lounges
  • Winning slots earns you many points and fubucks
  • Sending blings to other users
  • Completing surveys on the social network

How to Sign Up on Fubar

You can become a Fubar user by going to the site. Visit on your browser. You will see a page asking you to sign up or log in. Click on sign up, which takes you to the signup page. You have to input your details like email, passwords, date of birth, and gender. Note that you must be 18+ to register on the dating platform.

After inputting these details and clicking next, you will be redirected to a page to insert a nickname, which other site users will see. Also, insert your picture. However, you can’t use a naked photo. You may be asked to prove you are human by completing the captcha verification. Once you complete these processes, you become a member of the dating website. You can proceed to log in to your account.

Search and Profile Quality

Once you log in, you will be able to assess the quality of profiles on the platform. All the profiles on the site belong to real people and not bots. You can arrange meetings with someone you are interested in as long as they are keen on it.

Most users are active, and you can communicate with them easily. Profiles contain detailed information. You can also upgrade your profile to gain more popularity.

When you search, you get filters, enabling you to streamline your search results to gender, age, country, relationship status, level, etc. you can also use the local search.

Fubar create account

Is Fubar Safe?

Fubar is safe to use and takes the safety and security of its members as a priority. It protects its users’ confidentiality and does not share members’ information with third parties. It does not allow users to share nudes and disables anyone who does so. You also don’t get adverts on the platform, which is also devoid of spam. Ensure you go through the site’s terms of use before signing up.

Help and Support

If you have any issues you want to resolve, you can easily contact the site via its published contact information on the site. You will get a quick response whenever you do.


Fubar is a dating site and social media network that meets all expectations. With few to no drawbacks and multiple advantages, the platform is a great place to find your true partner, meet new people and get away from boredom. You can perform many activities for free and earn points for staying active. With its unique features, it is one dating website that will be hard to beat.

Alternative Sites to Fubar

If you don’t like what you see in Fubar, some similar sites you can use include:

  • FreezeCrowd
  • Coomeet
  • Jaumo
  • Pure

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions some users may ask about using Fubar:

Is Fubar Free?

Fubar has many features you can use for free. However, there are those you have to pay for via the website's credits. You can earn free credits and points by performing some activities.

Can I Post Nudes on Fubar?

Though Fubar is a dating platform, its terms of use do not allow users to post explicit content.

Is Fubar Legit?

Yes, it is a legit dating site with millions of registered user.

Do I Have to Pay to Register on Fubar?

No, you don't. Fubar registration is free.

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