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Cougared Review: Sexy Cougar Women Online

Today, people have terms for everything, including intimate types of relationships. For example, several decades ago, there was no term for a relationship between a younger man and an older woman. Today, we have ‘cougar cub relationships’.Some men seek the attention of older men for multiple reasons. They might believe older women are sexier, more experienced, more interesting, etc. There are many reasons why men seek the attention of older women and vice versa. Sometimes they seek serious long-term relationships, but sometimes hooking up is the way. That’s when the site ‘Cougared’ is helpful.If you are into sexy and hot older women to have sex with, then the app will make your dreams come true. It’s a casual dating website where people are free to do whatever they want. You can flirt with a hot successful woman, or choose to meet her in real life and have amazing sex. Read the current Cougared review to learn more about the app. Cougared main

Cougared In A Nutshell

The platform is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of younger men seeking sugar mommas, and of cougars looking for hot cubs. It’s mostly a casual dating website, but sometimes people find long-term partners. Nevertheless, the site is focused on connecting people who want to have sex. The website is simple and easy to use, although some people might consider it to be a little boring.

8.2 Score

8.1Value For Price8.3Quality Of Members8.5Ease Of Use7.8Customer Satisfaction8.2Safety

Pros And Cons


  • Search by “who is online” filter.
  • Easy to use.
  • Quick registration.
  • It’s free to use – no hidden costs.
  • Pretty popular within users.
  • Safe connection to the web.


  • Outdated design.
  • Can see users even without creating an account.
  • Has no mobile app.

Cougared sign up

Type Of Audience

The name of the site clearly hints at what type of audience to expect on the platform. Mainly, two types of people use the website:

  • cougars;
  • cubs.

If you aren’t familiar with these terms since you are only exploring the world of cubs and cougars, cougars are older sexy women, while cubs are younger men. Do not misinterpret the term ‘cougar’ with the term ‘milf’. Milf is a woman who gave birth to a child, is sexually attractive, but could be younger than the man she is dating. Whereas cougars are always older, extremely sexy, sometimes dominant, experienced, and looking for younger men.The Cougared app is designed to meet the needs of younger horny men who want to experience casual dating with older sexy ladies. It is also beneficial if you are a cougar and looking for younger hot guys to teach them about sexual pleasures.Cougared is also used by horny singles who are curious about the ‘cougar-cubs relationships’ and want to try whether it’s their thing. If you are into sexy older ladies who are experienced and skilled in sex, and you want to hook up with them, check out the Cougared website. cougared profiles

What Is Cougared?

The Cougared platform is a hookup app used by cougars and cubs. It is not exactly a sex app like BeNaughty or AdultFriendFinder, but it is used to meet sex partners. It has several types of relationships to choose from, and a sexy fun time is one of them.Considering the photos posted on the website, there is no explicitness, but some pictures look pretty sexy. Whether you are a sexy woman of age seeking horny younger males, or a young guy looking forward to meeting an experienced lady, you will benefit from using Cougared.The Cougared site might not have the biggest database, but it’s not bad. It’s possible to find sex partners nearby since Cougared has the search by location. Cougared has a good collection of horny cougars and sexy cubs. If you are a hot guy looking forward to meeting a sexually skilled sugar momma, then Cougar could be a thing for you.

Cougared Key Features

The only two key features are matchmaking and the search. Matchmaking is too plain, you will need the help of the search function to meet better sex partners. The good news is that the filters are working properly. The best thing about seeking horny partners on the Cougared app is that you can filter users by who is online. This simple filter allows users to omit abandoned profiles. Overall, the Cougared website is not bad at connecting sexy cougars and horny cubs. It doesn’t have any sex features like adult movies, a sex academy, or webcams.

Free Or Paid?

Even though the Cougared website is extremely simple or rather plain, it has one good advantage – it is free to use. On one hand, free of charge means you can meet sex partners without paying. On the other hand, free websites are loved by scammers and trolls. Be careful when using any free website. They are still beneficial, but be on alert. If you know what to consider, you won’t get in trouble.

Sign Up Process

To create an account, click on the ‘Register’ category on the homepage. The signing up process and the account completion are parts of the same process. Users are asked to come up with a username, password, insert an active email address (to verify account), etc.Then users choose their age, gender, country, region, the nearest city, etc. The Cougared website offers the following types of relationships to choose from:

  • Wild times.
  • A bit of fun.
  • My soulmate.
  • Something else.

Then choose one or two photos, and click ‘Continue’. The account is created and now you can use the search to meet horny cougars or sexually attractive cubs.

Search And Profile Quality

There are two types of search on Cougared – the quick search and the one where you manually choose your requirements. The quick search feature offers to see:

  • who is currently online;
  • saved favorite profiles;
  • see all members;
  • featured users;
  • members who have pictures;
  • highlighted users.

The best option is the ‘who is currently online’ one. If you want to flirt with horny singles, then it’s a good filter to use. if you have specific requirements and want to meet hot cubs or horny cougars, here’s what the standard search offers:

  • location;
  • age;
  • male/female;
  • country;
  • region/city.

Yes, Cougared isn’t advanced but users are still lucky to encounter horny and sexy singles. The quality of profiles is rather average. Profiles have nothing special, but from reading personal info, users can tell who they are attracted to. cougared men profiles

Website Safety

The only two safety measures the website seem to have are:

  • safe internet connection;
  • monitoring users’ activity.

A safe internet connection means you don’t have to worry about your personal data being stolen, like passwords or logins. And moderators monitor the situation on the site to block fake accounts. If you spot a fake account, report it and it will be blocked if proven fake.

Help And Support Team

The Cougared website is free but has a support team dedicated to troubleshooting and answering questions. If you go to the ‘Contact’ section, you will find the standard form to contact one of the Cougared team members. There is also a help section, to find it, click on the FAQs. The Cougared FAQs section isn’t advanced like FAQs on other sites, but it answers the most popular users’ questions. Most Cougared reviews claim they had no problems with using the site even without contacting support.


Do I Need A Premium Membership To Enjoy The App?

No, the website is free to use without any payments. You can even check the FAQ section of the site to make sure there are no hidden payments. Use the website as you would be using a social network account - create a profile, add photos, personal info, etc. You don’t need to add your credit card, so you aren’t charged.

Can I Be Scammed?

There is a possibility to encounter scammers while using the site. It’s a free website which means scammers simply create accounts and message real users. You will recognize scammers - they have too generic pictures, usually just one photo. Most scammers immediately send you love letters even though you have never talked before. They tend to ask for money for imaginary ill relatives after a while when you already have a connection.

Is Cougared Legit?

Yes, even though it is a free to use website which is suspicious, it is still a good option to try. You don’t have to pay to use the website, so you could at least give it a try. But be careful and on alert for scammers. Since it’s free of charge, scammers don’t have to upgrade their accounts to send you messages.

Can I See Members' Profiles?

Yes, weirdly enough you may see the profiles even without registration. On the bright side, you can see other photos and more details about the user only upon completing the registration. And you get to see what types of users prefer the Cougared app and what to expect from using the site.

How To Delete Cougared?

To terminate one's account, log in to your account by using the Cougared login page. Make sure you remember your password - the saved one within the browser won't work when you delete the account, you have to type it directly. Go to account settings, choose the Cancel Account button, use your login and password to approve the action. Then the moderator will manually delete your account after receiving a notification.

Final Thoughts

The Cougared website is created to connect horny cougars and sexy cubs. It is more of a social network rather than a sex site. It offers multiple relationship options – men meet permanent sugar mommas, hot cougars meet sex partners. Sometimes horny members decide they like each other enough to become friends or even permanent partners.The site is plain, it doesn’t have any fun or sex features. On the bright side, Cougared is effective at connecting cougars and cubs. It has an outdated design, members may encounter scammers, no sex video chatting available – but the site is free of charge. You may give it a try and see whether you will meet a hot cougar or a sexy cub depending on your needs. The Cougared site is not exactly a sex app but can be used as one.

Similar Sites

Cougar Life is a valid option, it is fairly popular and has a nice design. Cougar Life is a paid website so bear that in mind. Other options are Older Women Dating, AgeMatch, Horny Affairs, BeNaughty, AdultFriendFinder. The last two options are sex dating platforms, they have millions of users, and the audience is diverse so it might be easy to meet cougars and cubs.

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